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Company Registration Service

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What Is The Purpose Of Company Registration?

When you start your own business, the first thing to do is choose a name and register your company.

The government requires companies to be registered before they begin trading, but it’s also suitable for other reasons. Registering your company gives it certain legal rights that individuals don’t have. For example, it means the company can sue or be sued in its name—something that wouldn’t happen if you traded as an individual!

It is a legal requirement.

It is a legal requirement.

If you are a limited company, it is a legal requirement to register with the relevant government body, file accounts, and annual returns, has a registered office, and have at least one director.

To protect the company’s employees, directors and shareholders.

The most important reason for registering a company is to protect the company’s employees, directors and shareholders. If you set up a business without registering it as a limited company, your assets could be at risk if things go wrong.

If you register your business as an LLC or PLC, you’re less likely to be personally liable for debts or losses incurred by the company. This is because when you register a limited liability company or public limited company (PLC), it has its legal identity separate from its members (employees). This means that when one of these types of companies goes bust, the creditors can only pursue any assets owned directly by the company itself – not those owned by individual members of staff or directors who are personally liable for losses made by their businesses.

In addition to reducing personal liability risks for shareholders and employees, there are several other reasons why it may be beneficial to form an LLP:

It helps the company to obtain credit.

The company registration process is a way to prove that your business is legitimate. It gives the public confidence in your company and helps it get credit and loans from banks. If you’re looking to start a business, having your own registered company could make all the difference between success and failure.

It aids in separating personal and professional problems.

  • It helps separate business and personal matters.

As a company director, you have a legal obligation to keep your business finances separate from yours. This is done by keeping different bank accounts, credit cards, and insurance policies for each type of money.

  • It protects your employees, directors, and shareholders. If a company goes bust, then the actions of its directors can be scrutinized to decide whether they were at fault for the failure. This means that if any of these people are held responsible, they may have to pay compensation back out of their pockets—and this can make all their hard work seem pointless! * It can help your company obtain credit or funding from lenders in future years.*

A registered company can sue and be sued in its name.

A registered company can sue and be sued in its name. This indicates that the business and its owners are two different legal entities. A registered company has a legal personality, meaning certain rights, powers, and obligations are conferred on the company.

Most importantly, directors and shareholders are not personally liable for the company’s debts (they have limited liability). If you buy shares in a public limited company, you will also have limited liability (unless you signed up for more). The same applies to sole traders and partnerships when they become companies.

There are several important reasons to register your company.

There are several important reasons to register your company.

  • It is a legal requirement. In most countries, it is the case that you can only trade or carry out the business activity if you are registered with local authorities. This applies whether you operate from home or a commercial premise and whether or not you employ staff (though some companies choose to remain limited liability partnerships).
  • Registration helps the company obtain credit. Registering as a limited liability company (or whatever designation is appropriate in your country) increases the chances that suppliers and other businesses will deal with you on favorable terms because of this status. As such, some suppliers may be willing to offer better deals than they would otherwise do if they knew nothing about who was behind those transactions; in turn, this means that all businesses involved in any given transaction will benefit from having their accounts set up correctly before starting any projects together – which leads us neatly onto our next point…

We have helped you understand the importance of registering your company. It is a legal requirement but also gives you more control over your business and provides some added protection against fraud.

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